*scratch scratch*

*scratch scratch scratch*

Danged mosquitoes!  Serves me right for getting into the weeds.  But there were blackberries there and I just had to have some. So sweet and juicy.

So how is Camp Nano going, you ask?  Quite well, actually.  This past week I was able to take two separate scenes and finally get the transition between them in place.  Since I’m writing this novel by breaking my own rules, I wasn’t sure whether I”d ever get to this point.  I wrote one of the scenes a couple of months ago, and the other one a few weeks ago, and this week, was able to transition between.  It was a really great feeling to have put them together – like finding that last edge piece on a jigsaw puzzle that brings the whole thing together.

Of course this is just one transition out of dozens that need to be written, but still, I proved to myself that it could be done, and I’m feeling better and better about where I’m going.  This week’s goal is to get the party scene written.  This has been hanging over my head forever, and I know how I want it to end, but can’t figure out how to get there.  I’ve been scratching some notes in the dirt next to my cot, but then I step on them and they are gone.  I should probably use a pen and paper, but when I light the lamp so I can see, the skeeters get me!

If you’re doing Camp Nano, let me know how you’re progressing!  This is the first year I’ve done camp that I feel like I’m actually getting something accomplished!

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  1. Keep plugging away, in spite of those pesky bugs. You’re making terrific progress.

  2. Great to hear your progress! Congrats! Eat Garlic for the skeeters. Keep up the great work. Look forward to you next update!

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