Inspiring Others

InspirationI’ve had a few people lately ask me how I do it.  I know that what they are really asking is how they can do it too. They are asking for inspiration.

Writing is hard, there’s no doubt about that.  It’s hard work, from coming up with ideas, putting the ideas into some sort of logical timeline, writing all those words, editing those words, and then submitting to publishers.  If you get a contract, then there is more editing, approvals of galleys, followed by a thoroughly soul-sucking amount of self-promotion and marketing to get your book bought and read.

Some people are obviously better at it than others.  I don’t feel particularly good at it, but I am published, which means I’m at least somewhat good at it.  But it is definitely hard work.  I didn’t get to this point without having done all the previous steps – the formulating of the idea, getting the plot set up, writing it all down, and editing it.  It took four years to get here. I know authors that publish two or three books a year.  I am always surprised by this, because my process takes so much longer.

But what I can say is that it will never happen unless you sit down and start writing.  There are no short-cuts.  There are no magic pills you can take, or voodoo rituals you can do, to make any of it happen.  You just have to sit down and write.  I have a quote on my bulletin board at home, from the late great Erma Bombeck.  “Want to write?  Then write already!”  And she’s right.  It really is that simple.  Sit down, and write. It doesn’t have to be good that first time.  It doesn’t have to sparkle and shine.  I definitely doesn’t have to be perfect.  It just needs to be written.  If you aren’t writing, you can’t call yourself a writer.  That’s just the bottom line.

So, you want to be a writer?  Then write already!

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Fairest of the Faire book coverBlurb:

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Avowed bad boy and fair performer Gage Youngblood is infatuated with Connie at first sight. Despite his deliberately commitment-free life, and Connie’s don’t-touch-me attitude, he soon has her in his arms, realizing quickly she is also in his heart.

When she is threatened by her late husband’s bookie, he steps into the role of protector, his fate forever sealed with hers.

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6 thoughts on “Inspiring Others

  1. And just think – when all that hard work is over, you’re already in the meddle of doing it all over again.

    • So true, Sandra! I’m trying to get book 2 written, while still being in the throes of getting the marketing stuff done for book 1! I am tired, but I’d still do it all again!

  2. There are no shortcuts, are there? Like Nike says, “Just do it”. Susabelle, I’ve heard many people say they’d like to write a book, or they’ll write a book ‘someday’, but if you’ve actually done the hard work and written a book, only then can you call yourself a writer!

    • I agree, Jana. You can’t be a writer if you don’t write. And if you get to be published, you also get to be an author! Best feeling in the world right now!

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