Happy Valentine’s Day

Weddiing RingsToday in the United States, it is Valentine’s Day.  The day of all things love.  The day of all things chocolate and roses.  The day of charm, and proposals, and embellished cards and chocolate covered strawberries.

The history of St. Valentine and his connection to “love” is rather dubious, and I’m not sure how we got to this maddeningly sweet celebration that can be a polarizing event for many people.  Those who have a valentine go all out, and those with no valentine lament the way singles are “singled out” as being single on Valentine’s Day.

The day itself gives me very mixed feelings.  I married my first husband on Valentine’s Day, in a misguided wish to have him remember our anniversary.  We argued loudly outside the wedding venue that day, I remember.  Yet I still went inside and married him.  Gosh, was I stupid!  It was certainly a sign of things to come.

And I met my current husband at a Valentine’s Dance.  We’re still married, have made it more than twice as long as that first marriage.  Things aren’t perfect, but when are they, really?  And my husband is a romantic.  There are flowers, and chocolates, and sappy cards on Valentine’s Day.

You would think that I would be the romantic, since I am the romance writer.  But I’m way too practical for that.  It’s the German in me.  I love flowers, and chocolate, and sappy cards.  But my brain just thinks, “hey, we could have bought ____ with that money.”  My heart may be romantic, but my brain sure isn’t. Not that I don’t appreciate the flowers and chocolate.  You know I’m eating those chocolates.  And sniffing those flowers. And getting moist eyes when I read the sappy card.

As a romance writer, I put a lot of romance in my stories.  Sweet gestures of love like small gifts, a sweet or steamy glance, a small but powerful touch, a romantic meal in a dark cafe or a sunny picnic in a park.  Showing you love someone is not hard, and doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. In fact, I would say the smaller gestures stack up in a much more meaningful way than large ones.  And smaller gestures should happen year-round, not just on Valentine’s Day.  True love happens every day, not just on February 14th.

What gestures do you like on this day, and other days with your partner?  And what do you think about Valentine’s Day?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Valentines day has never been a stand-out day for me, but I do appreciate these days that hit us up the back of the head and say, “Hey, do something nice for people you love”.
    This year I gave books with my cards.

  2. I agree that it’s the small things, done daily, that really convey romance. 🙂 Though I do enjoy the heart-shaped smiley face cookies from Eat-N-Park this time of year. (It’s a Pittsburgh thing!)

  3. I share your mixed feelings about today. It’s not a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas (which have also been commercialized to a point that makes me want to gag!) Life is to short to wait for one day a year to express how you feel.

    I have a husband who is NOT romantic. I’ve gotten flowers twice(for my birthday before we were married and on our 25th wedding anniversary). He has been known to bring me a Butterfinger on occasion – but I don’t need those things to know he loves me. His love is all around me – the walls he has painted and repainted because I didn’t like the first color, the book shelves he builds for me, the carpets he cleans, the light bulbs he changes, the meals he cooks, the job he works everyday even though it’s killing him inside – this is love.

    He’s not here this Valentine’s Day – his demons have gotten too strong for him to handle alone. So he is somewhere safe with people who I pray can reach the man I love and give him the direction he needs to get back to me. Love cannot overcome all things but it can give us strength to face and deal with the blows life throws our way.

  4. My poor hubby tries to be romantic but I don’t want him to spend a lot of money on gifts. We like to travel and I would rather spend the money on that. 🙂 To each their own. I do think it is a nice day just to tell the people you love that they are special to you.

    • Gosh Angelina, me too…I really hate when he spends spends spends. We had an agreement on Friday night – a bag of candy and a card. I got a card, and a big Russell Stover box of candy, and a coffee grinder that I had refused to buy for myself because it was “too much money.” Honestly, I just want the bills paid and maybe some time spent together. But he isn’t going to change! haha

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