Bookiversary and a Kick in the Pants

In all the hubbub of the Wedding That Never Was and having a house full of guests for the last four weeks, I missed my Bookiversary!  June 5, 2015, Fairest of the Faire was released to an unsuspecting public by my publisher, The Wild Rose Press.  Millions, er hundreds, er, dozens were sold.  Well, not that many dozens.  Like two dozen.

I didn’t really expect more than that, though.  First books are a hard sell.  It takes a few books to build a solid readership.  It can be the best book in the world, that first one, but there are a lot of books out there, and a lot of choices, and that’s just the way it is.  There are a whole lot of Susabelle Kelmers out there, and not that many Stephen Kings and Neil Gaimans.  Not that I’d EVER put myself in that second category!

I’m badly in need of a kick in the pants to get going and finish that second book.  I can blame my lack of production on a lot of things, starting with work, family obligations, taking care of a house and a garden, etc.  And those things do get in the way, but there are still moments that I could use more effectively.  I never seem to be able to find the time to write, or the time to read.  A woefully tall stack of novels sits in my closet waiting to be read, while their smaller stack on my nightstand whine pitifully at me when I try to sleep.  Just last night, I finally picked up the Mary Jane’s Farm magazine I bought before Easter and read the first 30 pages or so.  They are talking about naturally dying Easter eggs, and the best chicks to buy for your newly-built henhouse.  Chick season is long gone, and I won’t be coloring any boiled eggs for quite some time.

Today is July 2nd, and yesterday started Camp Nano, an offshoot of NaNoWriMo, and I’m going to be punching that keyboard and trying to get my novel finished.  I’ve set a modest 20K-word goal for the month, but it sure would be nice to end up with a finished rough draft.  So I’m going to be pushing myself, and hoping that some of my writer friends can poke me and prod me and remind me of my priorities.  I need to get back on the writing train, focus my energies better, and write that story I know I have inside me.

Feel free to hit me with your nagging, ideas for keeping on track, and anything else you think might help me. 🙂



16 thoughts on “Bookiversary and a Kick in the Pants

  1. I have no helpful ideas to offer, at least that you don’t already know about (five minutes a day becomes ten or more).

    I’ve started my big sewing project, so how’s the writing going?

    • Mary, I reacquainted myself with the story and did some edits along the way, and will continue that process tomorrow until I get to where I stopped last time, then I should be good moving forward. Maybe. 🙂

  2. I set a schedule and inform my husband, kids and pets. “I’m writing. Bug me–die.” It works with everyone but the cats. But they’re fuzzy so they get away with it. 🙂

    • Melissa, I have just enough ADHD and too many projects, and I flit from one thing to another at times, just to “finish up this one thing” so it “won’t be hanging over my head.” Well, that means I just keep putting off writing. Which is dumb!

  3. Susabelle – yu don’t need to be nagged – you need to be motivated, and attending Camp Nano is the perfect motivation!! Well done and good luck. Like, as well all know, intervenes during the best of times. Knowing you can write a few words ( or more) per day for the summer camp will push you along. Be well.

  4. Sometimes you have to step away before you jump back in. It helps to do something not book related–not reading, not writing, not organizing the bookshelves. Painting, cleaning house, sewing–anything creative that does not involve words work for me. I also find that it helps if I set a goal that I can realistically achieve and plan a reward for myself after I achieve it. It might be as simple as a favorite or new movie after writing 500 words for two days in a row. Whatever gets you going. Then repeat as needed. We’ve all had those days (or weeks or even months) and there are as many cures as there are writers. Best of Luck!

    • It’s been a good three months since I even touched my WIP with everything else going on. Going back to the solitude of writing should be really good for me since I’ve been entertaining out of town guests for more than a month. Things are slowly getting back to routine, but my mom said to me today that “You’ve had it “up to here” with change. Of course you’re annoyed!” She’s right. I’m a creature of habit and have been out of sorts over all the guests and the work changes that won’t quit.

  5. Aww…Susabelle. I will not nag you. I will only encourage and nudge you. First, start slowly, especially after Camp Nano. Carve out one hour of writing–for a day, week, month. But give that to yourself. There will always be something to distract us writers. It’s called life. I never berate myself anymore if I don’t write thousands of words per day. If I write 100, 500, or 2000, I’m a happy gal. Even if it’s in a journal. Keep moving along and remember…you’re a published author! Congrats on your 1yr anniversary! There are many out there struggling to get someone to look at their manuscript. All the best with Camp Nano, and I pray it gives you the “jump start” into your creative world.

    • Thanks Mary. I can always count on you for encouraging words. I’ve not been a great friend of late, not even having time to read everyone’s blogs and make positive comments. I promise I’ll be better in the coming weeks. 🙂

  6. First congratulations on your first anniversary of your book! I can’t help you with the “not writing part.” Quite frankly, it’s a gorgeous summer here in PA, and I love to garden and be outside. So I’ve slacked off and have only written two chapters of my (once) “wonderful idea” to write a Christmas novella. I think writers do need down time to refuel.

  7. Congrats on you 1 st book anniversary ! That puts you ahead of a lot of people. Now jump into camp nano, with both feet, don’t hesitate, just write. I know you can do it. I’ll be rooting for you as I too finish my current WIP for submission by end of August. After camp nano, carve out an hour a day or week to write stick to it. I’ll be checking on you :-). You can do it.

  8. Ok that should be your 1st book anniversary . I’m camping so that’s my excuse for terrible editing on my comment. Sorry.

  9. I’ve been writing a long time (20-plus years). There have been many times when I struggled with motivation. I find what helps a lot of the time is going back and re-reading what I’ve written to try to get back into that world. To really flow, a book has to live in my head. Once I get it in there, floating around (makes my brain sound like sort of a void, which sometimes seems to be true!), my unconscious will start to fiddle with it and then when I have the time to write, things fall into place. Hope this is a bit helpful. Don’t get discouraged. This is a journey, not a race.

    And congratuilations on your book birthday! The first one is always special.

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