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Writer's blockI’m a writer.  It’s what I do.  And you would think that if this is what I chose to be, that I would never struggle.  You would be wrong. 🙂

Writer’s Block is real. And right (write?) now it is affecting my blog.  I have a novel in progress that is coming along, mostly.  But getting blog posts done every week has turned into a struggle.  As I head into my busiest season of writing, this is going to be a big problem unless I get my act together. Even though I’m a very strong essay writer, and always have been (and that’s all a blog really is, after all), there are times I’m really strapped for ideas.

Fortunately, I’ve found some help to get me back to pumping out those blog posts, and thought I’d share that with you in case you are suffering from blog-writer’s block too.

Writers Write, a site from South Africa that offers writing classes, has a great graphic that will easily point you to some ideas, just with a few short words and pictures. Cute, quick, and gives very basic ideas that you can flesh out quickly into a full blog post.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator works by asking you for three nouns.  That’s it.  Then it generates topics for you.  You can do it over and over until you get something you can work with.

Build Your Own Blog has the easiest random blog topic generator I’ve ever seen. Simply click the big orange button that says “Generate Blog Post Idea.”  Perfect!

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is cute – it looks like a blackboard, you type in a few key words, and it gives you four things to thing about.  Easy-peasy.  I’ve used this one multiple times.  I also think this one is the most hilarious.  I typed in “romance Writers Ideas” and got back “6 unexpected ways romance writers can give you better hair.”  And yes, I could make a blog post out of that, couldn’t you?

Content Ideator from Content Forest lets you type in a key word, and get back suggested blog titles.  This is usually enough.  However, you can only put in one word at a time. It does have an annoying popup asking you to sign up for their newsletter, so I don’t use this one as much as I use some of the others.

Tweak Your Biz uses a key-word generator to give you a blog title.  They are sorted by category, too, which can be helpful.

Molly Green has a blog post with “101 Fabulous Blog Topic Ideas.”  Great stuff here, and plenty of ideas to work from.  In fact, I got the idea for doing this blog, from reading hers. 🙂  Doesn’t get much better than that!

I hope some of these links can help you break that blog-block you’ve got going.  we all get it once in a while, or more than once in a while.  It’s great to know there is help out there for us, isn’t it?


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